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The website HitFix has published an interview with Tom for Daniel Fienberg, which took place about a year ago on the set of “Crimson Peak”. Read it below.

TORONTO, ONTARIO. As you’ve discovered if you’ve ever sent out a tweet containing the word “Hiddleston,” the “Thor” star and British Shakespeare veteran has a legion of passionate fans.

On Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming Victorian haunted house drama “Crimson Peak,” Hiddleston was a late arrival, stepping in for one of the few actors capable of engendering comparable levels of online hyperventilation, Benedict Cumberbatch.

For Hiddleston, there was no hesitation when first his agent, then del Toro, then Jessica Chastain all called to woo him to play Sir Thomas Sharpe, a fading British aristocrat who brings his new American bride Edith (Mia Wasikowska) home to his familial estate as part of an attempt to reboot his fortunes, setting in motion initially creepy and eventually terrifying happenings.

“[T]here was no possible way I was going to say no,” Hiddleston laughs, sitting in a prop warehouse near the Toronto sound stages housing the massive “Crimson Peak” sets in March 2014. “Working with Guillermo, who I’ve admired for so long, and the script itself was just brilliant. The screenplay was captivating and rich and sophisticated and terrifying. And the role was amazing and different from anything else I’d done. It was a very, very quick yes after that.”

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Our gallery has been updated with missing stills and a promotional photoshoot from “Crimson Peak”. New interviews with Tom are currently being released, which means the promotion might be getting started, so keep an eye on our Twitter account @TomH_Online for the heads up on our updates!

Tom HiddlestonTom HiddlestonTom Hiddleston

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Yahoo Movies visited the Toronto set of “Crimson Peak” in early 2014: At very near the stroke of midnight, after a long day of shooting a dramatic scene, Tom met with them to speak about his role. Read on for his thoughtful take on his character’s personal demons, family dynamics, and why this is his most “kinky” film to date. The film arrives in theaters October 16.

When Benedict Cumberbatch dropped out, Guillermo sent the script to you. He said you turned around almost immediately and accepted — within 72 hours. Was your decision based on him? Was it based on the script?

Tom Hiddleston: It happened very quickly. My agents called and said, “Guillermo del Toro is going to call in the next hour.” And he called me, and he told me the story and he said, “Don’t say yes or no. I’m going to rewrite the script this weekend and send you a new draft.” Then an hour later Jessica called me and said, “You have to do it. I want you to do it. Guillermo wants you to do it.” I was really excited. I couldn’t wait to read the script. It must have been a day later and I got it and read it immediately in one sitting. He had rewritten the part for me in a way, so I got my own draft. And it was just brilliant. It was just a brilliant screenplay. I knew that Jessica and Mia and Charlie were locked in; I love Mia, and I knew Jessica from before, and I wanted to work with Charlie. There was no possible way I was going to say no. The screenplay was brilliant. It was rich and captivating and terrifying. The role was amazing and different from anything else I had done. It was a very, very quick “yes.”

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A new trailer for Tom’s “Crimson Peak” was released yesterday, watch it below.

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Quint, from the website Ain’t It Cool, has posted a Q&A with Tom on the set of “Crimson Peak” a while ago. Read it below.

So, I was pulled away from the set visit and led to Hiddleston’s trailer to do this chat. He opened the door half in his costume, his lacy shirt billowing in the breeze and the whole nine yards. No shit, it was like a Harlequin romance cover come to life and I realized there were about 2 million girls in this world that would have slit my throat to have been in this position.

His trailer smelled strongly of incense (the good shit, not the headshop skunk crap) and he had photos and art taped up on the cabinets, all relating to his character in some way. Lots of Victorian era men and women, mostly high society types and there were some creepy dead bride stuff, too. I bring that part up because I touch on it in the below interview.

After some small chit chat we sat down and began the below interview. It’s a good one. This guy is a great talker and wickedly intelligent to boot.

Quint: Let’s start by talking a little about Guillermo.

Tom Hiddleston: I love him. He’s right at the top of the leader board of all the directors I’ve worked with. He went straight in to number one.

Quint: What’s great about Guillermo is he’s a visionary, but doesn’t have the up-his-own-ass baggage a lot of visionary directors have.

Tom Hiddleston: Yeah, he’s chill, passionate, warm, inspiring and deeply knowledgeable. I mean, he knows when to be irreverent and mess around and have a good time, but he also knows when to be focused and serious and delicate. It’s amazing working with him. I think I’ve said this before, but he’s like a great Mexican bear of warmth and passion. He’s like a Mexican Baloo.

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Audible Studios, a production arm of, today announced the release of Tom’s vivid interpretation of J. G. Ballard’s unnerving dystopian novel, High-Rise. The narration by The Avengers star Hiddleston, which anticipates the release of a new film adaptation of the novel in the fall, is available for download at

“I spent last summer holed up as Dr. Laing on the 25th floor of the ‘High Rise,’ as brought to life on film by Ben Wheatley and Amy Jump,” said Hiddleston. “The book was always, necessarily, our cornerstone. Ahead of the release of the film, it was great to go back to J. G. Ballard’s original text and to read it aloud. Ballard was prescient about so many things: our seduction by (and reliance on) technology; our attempted colonization of the sky; and his particular, distinguishing implication that modern civilization is perhaps only a few neighborly disagreements away from collapse and chaos.”

Source: Finances

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BBC One has just released a first look image of Hiddleston in John le Carre’s “The Night Manager”, and Tom himself shared a behind the scenes one on his Facebook page. We’ve added them both to our photo gallery and you can check them below! The series is expected to premiere on 2016.

Tom Hiddleston

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Tom will narrate a new children’s adaptation of Henry V. The film will premiere in primary schools throughout the country during Shakespeare Week from March 16-22.

New venture WillShake aims to open Shakespeare’s plays up to a younger audience by having young people take on his famous characters.

Director Joe Talbot said: “We wanted to let children hear the language, feel the mood and see the story unfold in the most exciting and relevant way. The blend of Shakespeare, film and digital technology allows young people in every corner of the UK to connect with the tale.”

Hiddleston added: “With WillShake, Joe Talbot and Emily Blacksell have achieved something wonderful. They have completely reimagined the possibilities for children and their first contact with Shakespeare. Their Henry V film is fresh, dynamic and so lovingly crafted that it’s impossible not to stand up for it. Bravo.”

Hiddleston recently won a What’s On Stage Award for his performance in a new production of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus.

Source: Digital Spy

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Stars including Tom Hiddleston, Debbie Harry, Gemma Arterton and Simon Pegg are putting the T into charity by signing up to help Comic Relief.

They posed for pictures in a range of special t-shirts designed by some of fashion’s biggest names including Anya Hindmarch, Karl Lagerfeld and Matthew Williamson. The t-shirts – and a onesie designed by Henry Holland – will go on sale at TK Maxx stores with a share of the proceeds going to Comic Relief.

Watch below the behind-the-scenes with all the celebrities, including Tom:

TKMAXX / COMIC RELIEF 2015 from Polymath films on Vimeo.

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High-Rise is featured on April issue of Empire Magazine, featuring the first official promotional image with Tom on it.

There are many reasons to look forward to High-Rise. It’s the latest, and possibly craziest, film to date from Ben Wheatley – and when you consider that he’s directed Kill List, Sightseers and A Field In England, that’s saying something. An adaptation of the J.G. Ballard novel about the disintegration of the denizens of a London tower block in 1975, it promises to be challenging, evocative, violent, deranged, darkly funny, bewildering and gripping.

And then, if all that isn’t enough, there’s its astonishing cast, including Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller, Elisabeth Moss, James Purefoy, Reece Shearsmith and, as polar opposites whose paths will fatefully cross as everything falls apart, Luke Evans and Tom Hiddleston.

You can read the full feature in the scans added at our gallery.